Infotype 0001 feature

You will need it for the decision tree in ZPM01 later. What you don't have in PME01 is the job function. This is where you use the read infotype function module, look up the job function code and pass it back to the ZPM01 structure. Play around with this method and you can see the flexibility of it is fairly nice. What other methods have you come across, feel free to share it! Hello Kevin, This is article on how to create a sub-feature and call it within an SAP standard feature is exactly what I have been looking for.

Thanks for the article. Am not sure how to modify SAP standard feature to call custom program, can you please share some pointers? Even this can be done. On configuring the program, you can modify the std features in your custom program and return the value through 'BACK' statement. Post a Comment. Support The Site. Friday, June 1 Customizing Feature.

Most of which dervive off infotype What if you have a requirement to have the feature decision against something not part of the structure? For example, the company business process calls for Job Function Code. Depending on the solution design for Job Function Code, their location could be anywhere.

With that, this will go through one of the many methods on how to enhance the feature to meet the business requirement. We will need to now go down the path of enhancing the feature and do some ABAP'ing. In order to create the new sub feature, we must first create the structure for it. Let's call it "ZPM01". In this new structure, add a new field to capture the job function code ID.

Now you've got the basic frame work the design. What is missing is the ABAP coding. Labels: Technical Miscellaneous. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Where to maintain the data of contract field in ITso that we will get those in the drop down as well as we can consider that field as a decision field while writing a feature. If you have an answer for this question, then please use the Your Answer form at the bottom of the page instead.

If you have a different answer for this question, then please use the Your Answer form at the bottom of the page instead. In this step, you define the different work contracts that an employee can be offered for an overseas assignment. You only need to maintain these contracts if the employee's contract with the new enterprise hasn't been defined yet.

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Hi All, Where to maintain the data of contract field in ITso that we will get those in the drop down as well as we can consider that field as a decision field while writing a feature.

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infotype 0001 feature

Know someone who can answer?Payroll system consists of Date Specifications and monitoring of tasks Infotypes. Using monitoring of task, you can set automatic monitoring of tasks for HR activities and system suggest a date when you want to be reminded of the stored tasks. This is stored in Infotype and date type defines the type of information. You can create series of reports on specific date type. You can use this Infotype to run Payroll and also to maintain leave.

infotype 0001 feature

In a standard payroll system, it contains 12 combinations of date type and date and to add more date specification for an employee at the same time, you can use time constraint 3.

You can also create an automatic monitoring of all HR related tasks that includes follow up activities to be performed and it is maintained in Infotype System suggests a date according to task type on which you will be reminded and this allows you to perform follow up activities as per the required schedule.

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The reminder date in the system is used to determine when you want to be reminded for a task type. When you select a task type, if the operator indicator has a blank or negative - value then reminder should be set before the task data. This is used to store other employer contract of an employee.

You can store the information where an employee works or has worked before working for your company. To enter multiple employer details, you can add multiple data records and validity period for each employee. Incase to store information on more than one qualification for an employee, you can also create multiple data records in this.

Each qualification type is identified by a key and you can also add proficiency level for each qualification. Proficiency level defines the knowledge and skill of an employee on a qualification.

You can enter the respective dates of the training period as the validity period. You can define various subtypes under this Infotype to maintain communication details of an employee. This is more helpful incase an employee contains multiple credit cards or credit cards from different credit card companies. This contains Infotype for test procedure and contains the test procedure for your employee.

Test procedure includes test procedure key and release date. You can store the following information in Infotype When a test procedure is performed for an employee up to a certain release date, then write authorization may no longer be performed which involves changing certain Infotype data with validity start date is before the release date.

This is used to store the address information of an employee.The feature is used in assigning the work schedule rule general defined for particular personnel sub area.

Whenever any action is run, the IT is updated with the default work schedule assigned in the feature. After creating all the work schedule rule against the PSA click on the check button before you activate it.

Contract field in IT0001

The Organizational Key enables you to define the organizational assignment more exactly. Its content is derived from either the Organizational Assignment IT or from the manually written entries.

To maintain Features, we can either directly update the tables or update using the decision tree. If your SAP version contains the tree maintenance functionality, then do yourself a favour and make use of it.

Whilst it may look quite daunting to use, it is so much easier to use than the old table maintenance functionality. Once you have changed, you will regret not having changed sooner. This table contains features which are often used in customising. Health Get Manager path. Remember to Generate your Features versions below 4. Look at table Td — it is quite useful. Use transaction code SE16 to view the contents of the table, which holds information relating to the client, feature, indicator, function part and structure relating to each feature.

This feature returns the value for the administrator group which is used on IT The feature allows you to choose between master data and applicant data. You can use the usual decision objects.

Alternatively you can offer other return values. These values or groups need to have corresponding entries in table T which lists all the available administrators for each particular group.

Common Errors. The following commands can be used in the Editor Line — if you are using the Table Maintenance editor. Features are objects those that default values by quering different enterprise, personnel or data structure fields.

infotype 0001 feature

The transaction code for features are pe Note: Feature NUMKR is used to define whether the employee numbering created for such personnel area would be created internal proposed by the system or external assignment User Define. The two ways of maintaining features are use using the table method or the tree method. The experienced sap hr consultants prefer the table method of configuring a feature whereas those who worked on 4.HR Infotypes……….

About the Object Infotype ………. About the Account Assignment Features Infotype ………. Time Quotas ………. Infotyp Bauwirtschaft Aufwendungen …………. Monitoring of Dates Infotype ……… Authorization Administration……. Test Procedures Infotype …. Special Benefits Administration………… Authorization Administration……. Authorization Administration……. Sozialversicherung Infotyp …… Insurance Infotype ……….

Sickness Certificates A Infotype ……………. Claim A Infotype … Garn. Conditions A Infotype …. Transfer A Infotype …….

PA0001 SAP HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment) Table and data

Compensation A Infotype ……………. Company Instructions infotype …. Organizational Assignment Infotype …………. Contractual and Company Agreements …… Company Instructions infotype … Corporate Function infotype ……. Sales Data Infotype ……….

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Business Event Blocks Infotype ……. If you want to download or read this This transaction code is used for Complete Position Description. Here is This transaction code is used for Display and Maintain Infotypes. This transaction code is used for Reference Personnel Numbers.Can someone tell me where I need to go in the IMG or is there a feature I need to modify to prevent this from happening since that change date in IT will cause payroll to retro for this person.

The detail shown in the header for Infotype is read from Infotype in this case name. It should not affect retro accounting if the content of Infotype itself has not changed. The header detail is not part of the infotype record stored in the database, it can be a view of fields from several infotypes.

There is a change in IT when you change the name that happens in the background. In our system, too the change-date on IT is set when I update or create an copy of IT but that does not trigger a retro calculation. Administration Customizing Procedures Define fields relevant for retroactive accounting. I found out that this is actually standard SAP design so that interfaces, reports, etc pick up the name change in all the records affected. Thanks everyone for the responses!

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Login with Facebook Login with LinkedIn. Reset Your Password We'll send an email with a link to reset your password. Join a community of over 1M of your peers. Create your account to get started.In this blog post, we will be focusing on the subject of defaulting values of certain infotype fields by using HCM features. Please use PE03 transaction to reach features initial screen.

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See below figure :. By just writing the name of feature you can easily find the related documentation about particular feature. So, after short introduction lets get start. This feature allows you to obtain the default value for the payroll area. Payroll area is one of the standart field in the infotype Organizational Assignment.

Organizational Assignmet Infotype. Finally we have found the valid fields for decisions. Creating Nodes Under Decision Field. So two different company code has been defined. As an example. In this case our return value is going to be predefined payroll area codes. What does administrator group means? It basically means a group that combines all administrators who are responsible for one organizational area.

In the infotype Organizational assignment, three different personnel administrators can be entered. See the table below. This return value Administrator group will be defaulted in the Organizational Assignment infotype Infotype First step is completed.

See below figure. According to fields above return value can be defined. This return value is the Work schedule rule that is going to be defaulted in the Planned Working Time infotype See the figure below:.